Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Leadership.
The Foundry is a new initiative at Laurentian University, housed by the Jim Fielding Innovation & Commercialization Space. We’re here to enable our university innovators to ideate, create, and develop ideas that can go on to become startup companies or social enterprises. The students, faculty, and alumni of Laurentian University have shown us that the capacity to achieve incredible things is here, and it’s time we provide them with a home.

Housed within the Fielding Innovation Space, 5000 square-foot facility that includes a beautiful co-working space, meeting spaces, and a well-equipped development lab; The Foundry will provide opportunities to engage with like minded fellows, explore new skills, and pursue opportunities that may have once been just an idea. Stop in and say hello, or check our calendar below for upcoming opportunities to learn. We’re open to all.
The first step to innovation is to examine things from new perspectives. Meet new people, learn new skills, stop by some of our workshops and programs and see what new ideas, thoughts, and values you may discover, while bringing your own to the table. Innovation doesn’t happen in a silo.
Before committing to a venture, explore proven methods of brainstorming, prototyping, and validation of ideas to test what you can do, and develop out the details of how you can move forward. Test the market of a new product, or test the engagement of a new movement. Learn to rapidly respond to results, and how to iterate through ideas.
Have you already settled on an idea, or a problem to solve? Put the resources of The Foundry to work and learn the skills to turn your ideas into products, companies, or organizations. Our Office Hours hosts can span a variety of topics and our Coordinator is happy to help with training on equipment or the development of business and impact models. From whiteboards to 3D printers and laser cutters, we’re here to enable your creation.
Take your creations to the next level by examining models for growth, engagement, and sustainability. Learn from local experts and connect with individuals or our partners who can help accelerate your products, services, and initiatives.
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